AMR mortar testing labs provides two mortar tests for matching mortars. Each mortar matching test provides a detailed mortar formula. The two mortar tests are designed specifically for testing and matching hardened mortars.
The first test is for matching the original mortar's composition and will be referred to in this site as "mortar testing". For more information about mortar testing and mortar composition formulas, follow the link on the left for mortar testing.
The second form of testing is referred to as mortar matching and is designed to match the color, texture, and appearance of the original mortar.
Mortar Matching
Mortar Testing
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Mortar Matching
Mortar matching is similar to our mortar test in some of the tests performed. In order to match the color of a mortar, we must match certain base materials used in the original mortar. To do this, we perform a compressive strength or crushing test. This gives us a general idea of the mortar type and ratio of binder materials.
After we determine the proper amounts of binder materials, we proceed to match the base tones of the mortar. These tones are the range between white and grey, and levels of mold and mildew. These are the effects of sun light and moisture aging of the mortar. Most of this can be compensated, but some degree of mold and mildew must reform naturally.
The next portion in mortar matching is matching the color tones of stains and pigments. These tones are compared to our charts to find a close starting point in matching the color tones of the mortar.
After we have determined the mortar type, base tones, and color tones, we make a sample of mortar to test and confirm our results. Adjustments are made to the mortar match as needed until the mortar color is matched. Sometimes, many adjustments are needed and require multiple tests to perfect the color match.

The cost of Mortar Matching is $325.00 per set of mortars tested. We need about 1/4 cup or 3-5 mortar samples for matching. Surface samples are best for getting a closer mortar match.
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