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Our focus is high quality masonry repair and the products and services needed to ensure the mortar repair is done right. Among these are mortar testing, mortar matching, pre-matched mortar mix, and other masonry repair products.

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Mortar Testing Services

We provide a range of different mortar testing services for matching mortar, and other forms of masonry materials testing.

Mortar Composition Testing - Mortar Testing

Testing Mortar Samples
Mortar testing
provides a detailed mortar analysis for matching old mortar. This mortar matching test provides accurate usable data about the mortar and provides a detailed mortar formula for matching the original mortar samples tested from which the color can be adjusted to match as needed.

Mortar Testing Method

This mortar testing method includes our proprietary combination of mortar tests to identify the composition formula of existing mortar mix more accurately than other common test methods. You will get the compressive strength testing, acid reactivity, weight loss, visual analysis of aggregate, proportions of binders and sand, and a formula for making a matching mortar. For use in testing historic mortar or if you need more specific details about the sand, you can add a sieve analysis. You can also add a color match to this analysis to get a complete formula of type and color.

Testing Mortar Samples - Cost of Mortar Testing

Mortar Composition Test costs $350

  1. Mortar Testing Report and Formula

    Mortar Testing $350/Sample

Testing Mortar and Matching Color

Custom Mortar Matching

Testing Mortar and Matching Color
After the analysis of the mortar sample is complete in the mortar testing methods, you can add a color match to the analysis of mortar samples. This will identify the pigments or color adjustments as needed to match the mortar color.

Testing and matching mortar color costs $325 separately, or you can add a color match to a full mortar analysis for $150

  1. Mortar Matching Test $325

  2. Add a color match to Mortar Composition Testing for $150.00


Historic Mortar Testing

Testing Historic Mortar

There is a better way to test the composition mix of mortar samples for historic mortar matching, and it is not much more expensive than the acid digestion test. This method is proprietary to AMR Labs and is becoming more excepted for this use due to the accuracy of the results. This testing method for matching mortar composition combines the results of some other astm testing methods such as the C-109 crushing analysis, acid digestion, E-11 sand sieve analysis, and some more scientific analyses where we collect additional data from some of these other testing methods for validations.

One example of this is the amount of weight loss during the digestion of mortar samples is cross referenced with the compressive strength and mortar type and using the specific gravity of the binder materials, we are able to validate the accuracy of the results. This is a limited example because there are other factors that change variables such as the size and shape of sand aggregates changes the compressive strength of the mortar as much as the ratio of sand to mix.

Sand Sieve Analysis

Sieve Testing Sand Gradation

Sieve testing the aggregate provides a more detailed inspection of the sand aggregate, and you will get the sand gradation proportions, shape and color of aggregates, and other details about the sand as set forth in the preservation brief and following astm E-11 specifications of sieve testing of aggregates.

  1. You can add sieve testing to the mortar testing processes above for $150

    $150/Sieve Analysis

  2. Masonry Unit Testing

    Test Brick and Mortar Strength
    Test the compressive strength of brick, block, stone, tile, or other masonry units for $150. Be sure to have the sample prepared in a 2 inch piece for testing.

    Masonry Unit Testing Compressive Strength $150

Tuck Point/Pointing Mortar Mix

Pre-Matched Mortar

Tuck Point/Pointing Mortar Mix
Pre-matched mortar mix are bags of mortar custom made to match the existing hardened mortar of your masonry repair. These bags are made using the formula from the mortar matching test.

Other Mortar Repair Products

We provide a brick repair guide and training videos to assist you in completing your masonry repairs.

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

Below are the before and after pictures of a project where the old repairs are smeared and used mis-matched mortar, and in the after photo, mortar smears are cleaned off the bricks and the mortar is repaired with matching mortar. You will notice the second picture looks darker. This is because the wall is wet from cleaning and the pictures were taken the same day. The first in the morning with more direct light and the second in the late afternoon when the sun was on the other side of the building.

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Before Mortar Matching Services After Mortar Matching Services