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Our focus is high quality masonry repair and the products and services needed to ensure the mortar repair is done right. Among these are mortar testing, mortar matching, pre-matched mortar mix, and other masonry repair products.

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Brick Repair Products

Brick Repair Products

With our brick repair products, you will be able to get matching brick repair mortar, and an installation guide that is complete and easy to follow.

AMR Brick Repair products make repairing mortar cracks and deterioration easy and affordable.

Matching Existing Mortar

Mortar matching through our complete mortar analysis and adding a detailed mortar color match provides a exact mortar formula for matching the existing mortar mix color and composition. With this complete formula, we can manufacture bags of custom matched mortar for your project.

Brick Repair Mortar-Products

Matching Brick Pointing Mortar Color

After getting the mix formula for matching your mortar, we can produce custom bags of brick repair mortars for your repair or repointing project. These premixed brick repair mortars are prematched to your existing mortar.

Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.


DIY Brick Repair Guide-Products

"The Brick Repair Guide"

This is a step by step guide to repairing brick and mortar cracks that makes the repair easy. This DIY guide to repairing mortar walks you through a detailed list of tools (with pictures), how to mix mortar, how to remove damaged brick and mortar, installing bricks and mortar, tooling mortar, and more. It is the complete guide to repairing mortar and brick cracks.

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DIY Brick Repair Guide


Brick Repair Products-Videos

These brick repair videos make a good compliment to the brick repair guide as they show you how to mix mortar, replace broken bricks, repoint cracks, and repair cracks in firebox. 







Our Service Area

We provide mortar analysis, testing, and matching services across the U.S., and ship our brick repair mortar products to the same. In our local area, we are available for consulting.


We can help with local Brick Repair in Dallas, Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, NRH, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Tarrant County, and Granbury.