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Our focus is high quality masonry repair and the products and services needed to ensure the mortar repair is done right. Among these are mortar testing, mortar matching, pre-matched mortars, and other masonry repair products.

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Learn how to repair brick mortar cracks

Brick Repair Guide-Learn how to repoint and repair brick mortar cracks

For all of the Do-it-yourselfers and contractors looking for a quality training book to learn how to repair masonry and brick mortar cracks, AMR Labs has developed a range of training tools. Among them are brick repair videos and The Brick Repair Guide.

About: The Brick Repair Guide

The Brick Repair Guide by James Nech was originally produced to introduce and train new brick repair specialists to the industry how to repair cracks in brick and mortar using his exact process based from his near 30 years in the industry of mortar repair and masonry work. For about 15 years he spent performing the jobs while training new mortar repair specialists and masons. During this time he developed different precise training methods that evolved into the official training manual and videos that he uses for his masonry repair company in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Brick Repair Training

Over the years, he provided brick repair training to some of his competitor contractors for masonry repair. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you may be familiar with some of the names. Among them are his own company (Alamo Masonry Repair/DFW Brick Repair), Advantage Masonry, North Texas Masonry, Texas Brick Repair, Brick Magic, The Brick Guys, Metro Leveling-Foundation Repair, LoneStar Brick Repair, and many more. As he began to see the demand for his masonry training, he revised and published his notes into The Brick Repair Guide

DIY Brick Repair Guide - How to repair brick mortar cracks

This is a step by step guide to repairing brick and mortar cracks that makes the repair easy. This DIY guide to repairing mortar walks you through a detailed list of tools (with pictures), how to mix mortar, how to remove damaged brick and mortar, installing bricks and mortar, tooling mortar, and more. It is the complete guide to repairing mortar and brick cracks.

DIY Masonry Repair Guide - How to repair brick mortar cracks

Brick Repair Guide

Brick Repair Guide
This is the complete DIY guide to masonry repair, and is used by masonry repair companies to train new brick repair specialists how to repair brick mortar cracks.

This masonry repair guide is written by James Nech after about 30 years experience in masonry and masonry repair, and training hundreds of people to repair masonry cracks and other masonry repairs. This book explains step by step how to repair mortar cracks, fix cracks in brick walls, replace broken bricks, and where to locate old or antique bricks for replacement.

Brick Repair Guide Features

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DIY Brick Repair Guide

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Brick Repair Videos

These brick repair videos make a good compliment to the brick repair guide as they show you how to mix mortar, replace broken bricks, repoint cracks, and repair cracks in firebox.

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           Mortar Analysis Mortar Analysis Mortar Analysis Mortar Analysis

Mixing Brick Repair Mortar

This video shows you and explains how to mix mortar for repairing mortar cracks.

Brick Repair and Replacement

In this video, you will learn how to remove damaged bricks, repair mortar cracks, install new bricks, how to repoint mortar, and how to tool and brush the mortar joints.

Firebox Repair

In this video, you will learn how to repair cracks in firebox, fire brick, and how to seal the firebox. This fireplace repair video explains how to clean your firebox, how to repair cracks in your fireplace burn chamber, and how to make your firebox look like new.

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Brick Mortar Repair Products

Other Mortar Repair Products

Pre-matched mortars are bags of mortar custom made to match the existing hardened mortar of your masonry repair. These bags are made using the formula from the mortar matching test.


Brick Repair Kit

When you need a complete brick repair kit to help you from start to finish as you repair mortar cracks, we have the solution. Below is a list of what you need to make the perfect brick mortar repair kit.





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