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Our focus is high quality masonry repair and the products and services needed to ensure the mortar repair is done right. Among these are mortar testing, mortar matching, pre-matched pointing mortar mix, and other masonry repair products.

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Brick Repair Mortar Mix

Not all mortar mix is the same, or for the same use. Most available packages of mortar mix are not designed for small use applications like repair. They come in a 70lbs bag that requires full package mixing to make the specified mortar type. These bags are made for large projects and produce two full wheelbarrows of mortar per bag.

This is excessive wasted material under its best circumstance. As they only come in grey or white mix, it can present problems when you are trying to match a mortar that is somewhere in between. It can be done this way, but it would require as many as 16 bags of mix to match some tones. This would be 32 wheelbarrows of mortar. Now, you are probably thinking the same as most brick repair companies, that you could just use some out of a bag of grey and some out of the bag of white mortar mix to match the base tone of the mortar. While this has become an accepted practice among poorly trained contractors in some areas, it has many problems. As I mentioned, these bags require full package use. The total contents of the bag produces the specified mortar mix, and using small portions creates an unknown mortar type because there is no way to determine how much of each binder material are being used.

Custom Brick Repair Mortar for Pointing

This is why we produced the custom brick repair mortars. Our custom brick repair mortars come in a box containing 2 one gallon bags of mix that is pre-matched to your existing mortar type and color. Each bag is mixed with 2.5 gallons sand to produce about a bucket of mortar, and most masonry repairs use 1-4 bags of mix. This is 1 or 2 boxes of PreMatched Mortar. We retain your formula in the event you need to order more boxes as needed.

Tuck Point Mortar

These PreMatched mortar mixes are designed for small repairs, and allow you to mix small bags of mortar mix that maintain the proper mortar type and color. They eliminate the guess work and the excessive amounts of time that it takes to get a matching color. This is why many masonry contractors use AMR Mortars for their projects.

Ordering PreMatched Brick Repair Mortar for Pointing

To order prematched mortar mix, we need to get the formula of your existing mortar. This is done through mortar matching.

  1. Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.

Custom Mortar Color Matching For Mortar Repair

Through analyzing and testing the composition of samples of existing mortar in a detailed mortar analysis, the complete mortar composition formula is provided. This is the base for any custom mortar color match or custom mortar matching. With the base formula, minor adjustments can be made to adjust mortar color for the rest of the mortar match without changing the mortar type, crushing pressure, bond ability, or ratios. By custom matching the mortar in this manner, you will reduce the inconsistencies of color matching mortar, insure a better bond, and prevent damaging the bricks with mortar that is too hard or soft.

This process requires testing the mortar for mortar type, sand ratio, and adding a color match.

Cost of PreMatched Brick Repair Mortar

  1. Mortar Testing

  2. Add Mortar Color Match

  3. Per 2 bag box of PreMatched brick repair mortar

Other Mortar Repair Products

We provide a brick repair guide and training videos to assist you in completing your masonry repairs.

Our Service Area

We provide mortar analysis, testing, and matching services across the U.S., and ship our brick repair mortar products to the same. In our local area, we are available for consulting.

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Mortar Testing and Matching Services

Below are the before and after pictures of a project where the old repairs are smeared and used mis-matched mortar, and in the after photo, mortar smears are cleaned off the bricks and the mortar is repaired with matching mortar. You will notice the second picture looks darker. This is because the wall is wet from cleaning and the pictures were taken the same day. The first in the morning with more direct light and the second in the late afternoon when the sun was on the other side of the building.

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Before Mortar Matching Services After Mortar Matching Services